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by V. Cate

Directed by Michael Baim

Performance Dates:

August 21nd-September 1st


Audition Details:

Sunday July 7th, 2 - 4pm - Gunnison Public Library

Sunday July 7th, 6 - 8pm - Mallardi Cabaret Theatre 403 2nd St. C.B.

Monday July 8th, 6-8pm - Mallardi Cabaret Theatre 403 2nd St. C.B.


Characters to be Auditioned - None have been Pre-Cast!

The Colonel - Elvis' Manager - A showman and ethically challenged con-artist who's not too concerned about stepping over the line to achieve his goals.

Trudi - The Colonel's secretary. She's from Germany originally and has a little bit of a rigged or Teutonic demeanor. She is devoted to the Colonel but see's his flaws.

Roscoe - The Colonel's young and goofy assistant.  He'll follow the Colonel's orders as best as he can and he's a big fan of Elvis.

Candy - A mentee of the Colonel.  He's older and more street-wise than Roscoe. 

Jill Tanner - A somewhat pushy newspaper reporter with a lot of moxie.  Jill is sure the Colonel is hiding a juicy story about Elvis - and she's going to get to the bottom of it.

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About "Elvis Has Left the Building":


t's December 20th, 1970, and Elvis Presley has disappeared. No one, not even his wily manager, "The Colonel," knows of his whereabouts. But the Colonel is all shook up because he has racked up a secret debt -- and with the King himself missing, the only way to pay it off is to find an Elvis impersonator within 24 hours. Hijinks ensue as the Colonel takes desperate measures to replace a man who is irreplaceable, all while keeping the prying eyes of a nosy reporter at bay and figuring out what happened to the real Elvis

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