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CBMT Contact Form

Please take a moment to fill out the form for the parent/guardian of the child enrolling in the camp.

YouTheatre Camp Registration Form

Please fill out the next information for the camper.

Theatre Interests

Emergency Contact


Pick Up/Drop-Off Policy

All children may be dropped off up to 15 minutes prior to the start of camp and must be picked up no later than 30 minutes following the end of camp. Each camper must be signed in and out daily. If someone other than the parent or guardian will be picking up the child, a note must be provided to this affect.


I authorize The Crested Butte Mountain Theatre to contact the people named on this form and authorized the named physician to render treatment to my child as deemed necessary in an emergency, if I am unable to be reached. In the event parents, physician or other emergency contacts cannot be reached, CBMT staff are authorized to take actions that they deem necessary.

I authorize the use images of my child, by Crested Butte Mountain Theatre, solely for promotion of CBMT programming.

I understand that no refund will be issued if my child fails to abide by the CBMT code of conduct:

  • Commitment to learning - Do your best and don't interfere with the learning of others.

  • Consideration - Always be polite and considerate of others.

  • Respect - Respect the theatre space, teachers, and other campers.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers for our other CBMT productions. We need writers, directors, actors, stage and tech hands, and help taking tickets or tending bar. If you have any interest in helping out CBMT, let us know.

Payment Options

Camp is $500 for two weeks of camp. And we are willing to work with you! Half and full scholarships are available upon request. Please reach out to us if none of the options below are suitable for you. 

How would you like to pay?

Thanks for submitting!

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